Most avoided retailer on Black Friday?

Walmart may draw in 50% more shoppers than any other retailer this Black Friday, but it’s also by far the most avoided retailer on Black Friday…


By far, the most common complaints of Walmart shoppers today have been checkout lines that are too long and stock-outs on key products.  Digging a bit deeper, however, we thought we’d share some additional comments from our panelists in response to the question, “What would have made your shopping trip even better?”

“The store was difficult to navigate. Typically checkout is a free for all. This the they had a secret entrance that led you through a weaving maze with all of your items to be assigned a checkout station. It created panic and frustration as people did not know where or how to get into the check out line this year. Good try Walmart but not good enough.”

“My wife not calling me four times while I was in the store, adding crap to the list.”

“Nothing!!! Loved the idiots and atmosphere of this shopping experience!! Walmart never fails to grant the perfect Black Friday shopping. Love getting out with the people and crowds that Walmart always packs in!!!”

“Less crowds, less dirty people in pajamas, nicer employees, more open check out lanes, and stop piling items in the middle of aisles!!! Two grocery carts going in opposite directions can’t get through. Wal-Mart always puts me in a god awful mood.”

“Not handing out tickets 3 hours before sale and then people can leave and come back…people should stand in line and wait their turns.”


“Having more on my list in stock. Didn’t match what I saw online.”

“If they had the grills that were on sale in stock. One hour in stock was a lie!”

“If they hadn’t begun their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day”

“If I physically left with iPad vs having it shipped.”


“Nothing. This was the most organized Black Friday sale I have ever attended. The lines were enforced and sales associates were knowledgeable.”

“Nothing. A worker even helped me out during Black Friday madness.”

“This trip was good because of the bracelet bands they issued to prevent the madness of Black Friday shoppers. Thank you!”