PlayStation wins Black Friday among Millenials; Nintendo slides further among GenXers


It is now well-known that video games are no longer purchased and played exclusively by young people. In fact, recent analyses show that the average video gamer is 31 years old, and about 40% of gamers are over the age of 36. Game developers are acutely aware of these facts. Otherwise, we would not be blessed with perpetual installments of Super Mario, Final Fantasy, Halo, and so on.


By contrast, Millennials are widely regarded as picky consumers who place comparatively less emphasis on brand loyalty. They live in the moment and their shopping consideration sets are comparatively more flexible.


When presented with a sales promotion, are Millennials more likely to shift their video game buying habits compared to older gamers? Between Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, and Nintendo’s Wii, who “won” Black Friday by enticing gamers to their brands?


To answer this question, InfoScout established a baseline group of 2,364 people who purchased video game products in October 2015.   We then contrasted their purchases to those of 1,020 Americans who purchased a video game, console or accessory during the 2015 Black Friday promotion period (starting at 6PM on Thanksgiving, and running until the end of day Friday). Gamers in the baseline group of October buyers versus Black Friday buyers were segmented into Millennial (ages 18 – 35) and Middle Age (ages 36 – 55), to compare their dollar spend on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo products.


BlackFriday2015_ShareGamingConsoles@2x (1)


Based on the evidence above, Sony PlayStation clearly “won” Black Friday 2015 among Millennials, stealing 7 percentage points of market share directly from the Microsoft Xbox.  Millennials are notoriously fickle, and Sony clearly took advantage at Microsoft’s expense.  By contrast, Middle Aged video game buyers’ preferences only changed slightly (away from Nintendo) during the Black Friday shopping spree, with Xbox capturing a slightly higher share of those gamers’ wallets than PlayStation.


About the Data

More than 300,000 Americans snap pictures of their everyday shopping receipts via InfoScout’s mobile apps: Shoparoo, Receipt Hog and Receipt Lottery. The first 250,000 receipts reported from shopping trips on Thanksgiving night and Black Friday were analyzed to support the real-time insights above. For further information, please contact