iPhone versus Android: What Your Phone Says About Your Shopping Habits

The phone you carry says a lot about you.  Some might argue that the sparkly sequinned case you have around your phone says even more, but here at InfoScout, we promise to never judge you.  We will, however, leverage our panel of 250K mobile-powered participants to explore the relationship between phone choice and purchase behavior.

We recently attended a conference where a retailer claimed that 80% of their shoppers had iPhones based upon the web traffic they see by mobile device type.   Rather than using website visits as a proxy for in-store visits, we decided to quickly measure the real-world shopping behavior of our consumer panelists.  With the understanding that the average American is 12% more likely to be carrying an Android phone than an iPhone, we were able to determine the following:


Smartphones Preference, Fast Food


It shouldn’t be a surprise that restaurants and grocery stores that cater to more affluent buyers are more likely to see iPhone carriers making purchases.


Smartphones Preference, Grocery


Smartphone Split


We also analyzed the iPhone and Android breakouts in head-to-head comparisons of top stores within a few retailer channels.


Understanding shoppers’ phone preference is just the tip of the iceberg for InfoScout.  In addition to our real-time visibility into purchases across all categories and channels, we collect demographic, psychographic, and survey data to help us build the most comprehensive understanding of US shoppers, their buying behavior, and the motivations driving their actions.


 About our data:

This blog study includes data taken from over 7-million receipt submissions by 150,133 iPhone users and 108,673 Android users of InfoScout’s Shoparoo and Receipt Hog mobile apps. Special thanks to the team at App Annie for helping us normalize the ratio of iPhone-to-Android phone users in our panel to the true census ratios reflected in this study.  To learn more about InfoScout’s data and solutions please visit www.infoscout.co