Games Trump Console Sales this Black Friday

Given existing gaming consoles have been available on the shelf for over two years, it should be of no surprise that consoles took a back seat to game sales this Black Friday season.  Once again, when consoles did sell retailers offered game+console bundle deals to lure consumers. The top console bundle pick this year was the Xbox One 500gb with Gears of War, which Target discounted to $299 (down from $350) and threw in a $60 gift card.

While not a top dollar mover, game memberships were popular this season thanks to major discounts from brick & mortar retailers – Walmart offered a 3 month membership to Xbox Live for $12.50 (down from $25) and PlayStation Plus for $10 (down from $18).

Black Friday Gaming Consoles Market Share


The recent release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 made it a hot ticket on Friday, capturing almost 10% of all game dollars. Walmart helped its cause by slashing the PS4 & Xbox game to $49 (down from $59) and Xbox 360 game for $29 (down from $49).

Black Friday 2015 Top Games


Update – 2015-11-30

Due to popular demand, we’ve augmented the post to include a breakdown by major gaming console.

At Target and Walmart, the Xbox One + Gears of War bundle barely outsold its rival PS4 + Uncharted Bundle. Yet, strong PS4 sales at and other retailers were enough to edge out the Xbox One for top sales this Black Friday season.


Console Sales Breakdown



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