Click and Collect Picks Up Steam with Holiday Gift Shoppers


Click and Collect is gaining traction as more shoppers make purchases online and pick up merchandise in a physical store. People like the convenience of shopping online and having their order ready within an hour in most cases without paying shipping fees.

Long story short, Click and Collect enables the end consumer to get the product they want, when they want, where they want, how they want, and at the price they want.

InfoScout has been tracking the use of Click and Collect, particularly during the 2016 holiday gift shopping season. We surveyed 600 Click and Collect shoppers to see if there has been a shift in adoption, identify the top Click and Collect retailers for holiday gift shopping, and find out how shoppers rate their experiences with Click and Collect.


Among those shoppers who have used Click and Collect, 38% have already used the service for purchasing and picking up holiday gifts this year. 15% used Click and Collect for the first time during the 2016 holiday shopping season. 51% used the service for the first time within the past 12 months, showing an uptick in adoption.


There is a clear “Big Three” for top Click and Collect retailers during the 2016 holiday gift shopping season – Walmart (58%), Target (39%) and Kohl’s (26%). JC Penney (12%), Sears (9%) and Kmart (8%) round out the next tier of Click and Collect retailers.


Perhaps the most encouraging sign for future adoption of Click and Collect is the positive feedback. 99% of shoppers rated their overall experience with Click and Collect during the 2016 holiday gift shopping season as “as expected” or “better than expected.”

92% of shoppers who have already used Click and Collect to purchase holiday gifts in 2016 said they are “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to use this service to purchase additional gifts before the holiday season is done. Looking ahead to 2017, 95% of shoppers are “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to use Click and Collect again when they shop for holiday gifts next year.  These additional Click and Collect purchases pose a significant challenge to retailers in that they have to find creative ways to encourage shoppers to buy impulse and add-on items that typically end up in the cart from general in-store shopping (ex. batteries for the toy helicopter, case for the new tablet, etc.).

There are two important points to consider about this data. First, InfoScout focused exclusively on Click and Collect for the purpose of holiday gift shopping. Our survey doesn’t account for other use cases and time periods in which adoption could be increasing.

Second, the holiday shopping season is far from over, as most shoppers plan to wrap up their shopping during the second week of December. If the intention of shoppers to use Click and Collect again holds true to form, the service could end up having an even greater impact on the 2016 holiday gift shopping season.

About the Data

These insights were powered by InfoScout’s ability to trigger real-time surveys based on observed shopping behavior. The data in this article was sourced from a survey completed by 600 shoppers who have used a Click and Collect service at least once in the past 24 months.

Throughout the 2016 holiday shopping season, InfoScout’s team of researchers will be analyzing real-time data from millions of omnichannel shopping trips. This data is mapped to shopper profile data, instantly triggered surveys and more to provide the richest set of shopper insights available.

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