100 Million Shopping Trips and Counting



ORLANDO, FL – November 4th, 2015 – InfoScout announced today at THE Market Research Event that it has processed 100,000,000 shopping receipts submitted by consumers using the company’s portfolio of mobile apps.


“When we launched our first app in 2012, our goal was to leverage the full benefits of smartphones to rethink what a consumer purchase panel should be like in the 21st century,” said Jon Brelig, co-founder and CTO. “By developing a portfolio of apps that engage diverse types of people with unique experiences, we’ve been able to quickly build the largest and most representative panel in America.”


InfoScout now processes more than 300,000 shopping trips per day across all retailers, in-store and online – more than legacy panel providers capture in an entire month. In addition, the company will soon surpass 100,000 yearlong ‘static’ panelists – 50% more than their nearest competitor.


“In the two-years I’ve been working with InfoScout, I’ve been impressed by their rapid growth – not only in their panel size, but also in the number of clients whose brands they help grow,” said Joan Lewis, Procter & Gamble’s recently retired SVP of Consumer and Market Knowledge. “In my nearly 30 years in the insights industry, InfoScout has brought the most innovative solutions and fastest growth in individual-level insights.”


In the last year, InfoScout has added more than 50 retailer and consumer goods clients leveraging its InfoScout Insights™ analytics platform, consulting services, and in-the-moment triggered surveys to derive deeper shopper and consumer insights.


According to Jared Schrieber, InfoScout’s co-founder and CEO,

“It’s no coincidence that our 100-millionth receipt was an e-receipt from Amazon.com, of a digital format book, about a sci-fi future, sold for ‘free’ through a Prime subscription. Retail is changing rapidly and this receipt is indicative of the macro-waves we are riding to disrupt a monopolized industry that’s sought profits over progress for far too long.”


As part of this milestone, the team dug into the 100,000,000 receipts and found some intriguing metrics. Here is a sample of them: